Is a UPS the answer? Internet Connectivity vs Loadshedding

UPS to beat loadshedding and stay connected to the internet

Losing internet connectivity due to loadshedding is one of the biggest inconveniences we can experience in this digital age we live in. Loadshedding, the temporary suspension of electricity to balance supply and demand, has continued to plague, dominate, and disrupt our daily lives. When it comes to connectivity and loadshedding, there is no greater battle. When loadshedding does occur, it is common for most Fibre Network Operators’ (FNOs’) infrastructure to have a backup power solution. However, in order for users to stay connected to the internet, the router, which is responsible for creating the WiFi network in your home, requires power. A backup power supply or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can help you stay connected to the internet during power outages.

How to ensure your UPS can keep you connected during loadshedding

Understand your power requirements

Understand the power requirements of your Fibre internet equipment, including the modem, router, and any other networking devices. This will help you select an appropriate UPS that can provide sufficient backup power.

Choose the right UPS

Consider the power rating, battery runtime, and the number of outlets when buying a UPS large enough to support your internet equipment during loadshedding. Make sure it works with your Fibre internet setup, and choose a reputable brand.

With Faircom, we remove the need for customers to do their own research and source the right UPS. We offer our customers an UltraLan DC Micro UPS (45W and 8.8AH) which can power your modem and router for up to 8 hours off a full charge. The cost of the UPS is only R950 once-off or R88.50 per month for 12 months.

Prepare for increased loadshedding

If loadshedding stages continue to increase, now would be a good time to consider investing in a backup power solution, generator or solar power system. These backup power alternatives can provide additional backup power, allowing you to power even more of your electronic devices and reduce the dependency on the UPS. 

In an ever-expanding digital environment, being connected is more important than ever. Faircom’s fast, reliable, and affordable Fibre packages, coupled with a UPS, ensure that you are always connected, allowing you to work, study, and communicate without interruption.

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